tmjTMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is characterized by pain in and around the jaw joints and can be caused by a number of structural abnormalities, oral health issues, and habits. Left untreated, TMJ itself can also lead to oral health problems. To prevent complications and relieve the pain associated with TMJ, patients should seek diagnosis and treatment as soon as they suspect the disorder. Our West Hollywood TMJ expert is experienced at correcting the condition and offers a variety of solutions to address the causes and symptoms of TMJ.

Pain and popping or cracking sounds are common first symptoms of TMJ, but a variety of other symptoms can appear as the disorder progresses. For example, pain may travel to other parts of the face or neck. Headaches may occur, especially in association with jaw usage during meals or conversations. The upper and lower jaw may seem to fit together improperly. Eventually, patients may be unable to open or close the jaw as it locks in position. Symptoms, medical history, and an exam are used by our expert in TMJ in West Hollywood to diagnose TMJ.

TMJ West Hollywood

Treatment for TMJ can include lifestyle modifications and clinical solutions. At home, patients can reduce their consumption of hard or chewy foods and can apply ice packs to the jaws to fight inflammation and soreness. At WeHo Dentist Office, patients may receive medications to treat pain and the stress that can spur jaw grinding and TMJ. TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasound, trigger-point injections, and ultrasound are potential treatment options. When TMJ is unresponsive to these measures, our West Hollywood TMJ expert may recommend TMJ surgery, such as arthrocentesis.

In addition to causing jaw immobility, TMJ can increase risks of uneven tooth wear that can predispose patients to cavities. Gum disease and tooth loosening can result with damage to the tissues that support the teeth. With timely treatment by our expert in TMJ in West Hollywood, patients are less likely to suffer these TMJ complications. To learn more about TMJ and available treatments, patients can schedule a consultation with our West Hollywood dentist.