Snap On Smile

snap on smileSnap On Smile is a non-invasive, removable cosmetic solution that conceals teeth that have been damaged or lost. Considerably more affordable than permanent forms of aesthetic enhancement, Snap On Smile can be worn during all normal activities, including eating, drinking, and socializing, without slipping. Virtually all patients are candidates for this treatment from our West Hollywood Snap On Smile expert. Because Snap On Smile is removable yet built to last, it can be used by patients temporarily or permanently.

Snap On Smile can be ideal for patients with a variety of cosmetic flaws and treatment goals. This treatment effectively hides teeth that are stained, crooked, broken, or lost and can even conceal gaps between teeth. Both full and partial arches are available so that either small flawed areas or more widespread imperfections can be hidden. Because candidacy for this treatment from our expert in Snap On Smile in West Hollywood is open to most patients, Snap On Smile can be an option for patients whose oral or overall health prohibits the use of permanent cosmetic procedures. Cost and convenience is also offered by Snap On Smile, which requires no anesthesia or long, complex appointments.

Snap On Smile West Hollywood

Patients who want Snap On Smile can get started easily. First, patients consult with our West Hollywood Snap On Smile expert to discuss their preferences relating to color and structure of their new smile. Our dentist takes dental impressions to guide the personalized construction of the appliance. After the Snap-On Smile arrives at our WeHo Dentist Office, patients return to get their new smile and verify its fit. Patients can start wearing Snap On Smile as soon as they receive it.

This treatment can be designed and placed in just two easy visits to our expert in Snap On Smile in West Hollywood and can last for years with proper care, which includes brushing after meals and avoidance of very hard foods while wearing the appliance. No alterations of the teeth and gums are necessary, and patients can easily wear and remove their Snap On Smile as they wish. To learn more about Snap On Smile, patients can schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood.