Smile Makeover

smile makeoverKeeping an attractive smile can support self-confidence and satisfaction in many areas of life, but disease or trauma can cause severe damage that makes the act of smiling embarrassing. When widespread damage destroys the appearance of the teeth, patients can visit our West Hollywood smile makeover expert for a custom selection of cosmetic options to restore their looks. The smile makeover can include several popular procedures to repair or conceal issues such as discoloration, breakage, and decay. By focusing mainly on cosmetic aspects of the smile rather than functional issues, the smile makeover is different from full mouth reconstruction.

Patients can have cosmetic defects identified at an exam performed by our expert in smile makeover in West Hollywood, who will then make recommendations for how those issues can be resolved. Discoloration may be reduced or eliminated with teeth whitening or concealed permanently with veneers. For aesthetically appealing repair of decayed or otherwise damaged teeth, our dentist may recommend tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays, or crowns. Bonding works well for altering the shape of damaged teeth, and dental implants are ideal for replacing teeth that have been lost.

Smile Makeover West Hollywood

Patients whose teeth are discolored, broken, cracked, or chipped may benefit from a smile makeover. Because the smile makeover can involve any number of different procedures, candidacy can vary for the options available. However, the smile makeover is generally recommended for patients whose teeth and gums are fairly healthy. When oral health issues are present that may interfere with desired cosmetic treatments, our West Hollywood smile makeover expert may recommend restorative care before beginning the makeover.

Patients who are treated by our expert in smile makeover in West Hollywood may gain more confidence in their appearance. With certain procedures, such as veneers, treatment may also support resistance against future oral health problems that might affect appearance. The length of time required to undergo the smile makeover can vary, but patients can often expect several appointments over a period of weeks or months until completion. To learn more about the smile makeover and its options, patients can schedule a consultation with our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist.