Root Canal

root canalRoot canal treatment is performed to save teeth after their pulp has been damaged by infection or physical trauma. Because the pulp contains nerves, infections inside of teeth can cause intense pain. Untreated infections can also progress and lead to oral abscess and inflammation in the rest of the body. By undergoing root canal treatment, patients receive immediate relief from discomfort and restored abilities to chew and speak normally without needing tooth replacements. Here is a deeper look at this treatment from our West Hollywood root canal expert.

Root canal offers acute advantages in terms of its ability to stop tooth infection pain, but many of its benefits relate to the retention of natural teeth. With real teeth remaining in place, patients are likely to experience more comfort, better appearance, and increased functionality compared to if they receive tooth replacements. Neighboring teeth are left untouched, and normal pressure continues to be transferred from the treated teeth to the jaws, helping to promote cognitive health later in life.

Root Canal West Hollywood

Before root canal treatment, our expert in root canal in West Hollywood takes X-rays to identify the precise location of the infection. By drilling into the crown of the tooth, our dentist reaches the target area for removal of the infected tissue. Our dentist may replace the infected tissue with medicated packing or gutta percha, a material similar to rubber. Finally, our West Hollywood root canal expert seals the tooth with a filling and puts a crown over the tooth to ensure that it looks natural.

Although root canal can last for many years with proper care, infections do sometimes re-occur. In these cases, our expert in root canal in West Hollywood may recommend retreatment or root canal surgery. In some cases, root canal surgery is the primary option used because of factors that prohibit a basic root canal. Despite the widespread myth of pain during root canals, this procedure is rarely more uncomfortable than a standard filling. To learn more about root canal treatment, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood.