Porcelain Dental Crowns

porcelain dental crownsPorcelain dental crowns are artificial teeth or caps sculpted from porcelain and tinted to match surrounding teeth. Depending on the application, this treatment from our West Hollywood dental crowns expert may be used for cosmetic improvement or restoration. In all cases, porcelain crowns support normal appearance and the ability to speak and chew properly. Crowns can also be made of metals, such as gold, but crowns constructed from porcelain offer a more lifelike appearance and are valuable for replacing or protecting front teeth.

Teeth that are damaged or lost may be capped or replaced with crowns. For repair, crowns are bonded over teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or otherwise structurally compromised. Crowns can also be used to protect severely decayed teeth or teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. For replacement of missing teeth, our West Hollywood porcelain crowns expert may recommend combining crowns with dental bridges or implants. The shape of every porcelain crown is customized to fit with adjacent and opposing teeth, making it comfortable and capable for breaking food down like a real tooth would.

Porcelain Dental Crowns West Hollywood

Treatment with porcelain crowns begins with a consultation whether replacement or other restoration is planned. During this appointment, our dentist discusses dental and medical history and treatment goals. X-rays, bite impressions, and photographs are used to guide the customized construction of crowns. Replacement involves attaching crowns to implants or bridges which are placed in the mouth first. To protect teeth, our expert in dental crowns in West Hollywood prepares teeth by removing some enamel before using bonding resin to cap the crowns over the teeth permanently.

Crowns can last for decades with proper home dental hygiene and regular visits to our expert in porcelain crowns in West Hollywood for check-ups and cleanings. Although porcelain crowns are designed to resist stains, patients can further improve protection against discoloration by avoiding tobacco and heavily colored foods and drinks. To learn more about this treatment and its value for addressing specific concerns, patients can schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood.