lumineersLumineers are a newer type of dental veneers that offers improved durability, easier preparation, and a lower profile compared to conventional veneers. Made by the Cerinate company using a special type of porcelain, Lumineers can be used to permanently conceal a wide range of cosmetic imperfections. Like other types of veneers, Lumineers also add strength to teeth and help guard against cracks and breakage on teeth that have been structurally compromised. Today, more patients are choosing this treatment from our West Hollywood Lumineers expert over traditional veneers for these and other reasons.

The advantages of Lumineers are centered on their low profile, which reduces the need for tooth preparation and creates more natural-looking results. In contrast to traditional porcelain veneers, Lumineers require little or no removal of enamel for placement. Not only does this make treatment more comfortable, but it also allows patients to have their Lumineers removed later. Lumineers can be tinted to match teeth adjacent to the treated teeth, and the thinness and slight translucence of Lumineers gives them a more natural look. Issues concealed successfully by this treatment from our expert in Lumineers in West Hollywood include cracks, chips, gaps, erosion, and discoloration resulting from cavities or tetracycline use.

Lumineers West Hollywood

Lumineers generally require only two visits for placement by our West Hollywood Lumineers expert. During the first visit, our dentist takes photos, dental impressions, and X-rays that are used to construct the new Lumineers at a lab. If necessary, the teeth are prepared at this appointment. At the next appointment, our dentist conditions the teeth and situates the Lumineers over those teeth carefully to meet the goals of treatment. Finally, our dentist bonds the Lumineers in place with dental cement.

Research has shown that Lumineers can last for as long as 20 years with proper care, including daily brushing and flossing and biannual check-ups from our expert in Lumineers in West Hollywood. Ideal candidates for Lumineers should have sufficient enamel on their teeth and good overall oral health. To learn more about Lumineers and find out whether this treatment is a solution for specific dental flaws, patients can schedule a consultation with our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist.