General Dentistry

general dentistryGeneral dentistry includes preventive and restorative dental treatments as well as tooth replacement procedures. When patients visit WeHo Dentist Office, they have access to a variety of options that not only support their oral health but also keep them looking good. Regular check-ups involve thorough cleaning and dental exams that include digital X-rays for identifying problems so that treatment can be pursued. Our West Hollywood general dentistry expert uses dental history, risk factors, and other details to create personalized treatment plans in patients of all ages.

During routine visits, our expert in general dentistry in West Hollywood cleans the teeth, polishes them, and offers preventive treatments, such as fluoride application and sealants. In addition to a basic visual examination, digital X-rays are used to find problems that cannot be detected by eye. Patients who visit our dentist for repair of damaged or decayed teeth may receive recommendations for tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays, or crowns depending on the severity of the damage and the locations of the teeth being treated. For infected teeth that patients want to keep, our dentist may advise root canal therapy.

General Dentistry West Hollywood

Patients have access to multiple tooth replacement options at WeHo Dentist Office. Depending on candidacy and treatment goals, our West Hollywood general dentistry expert may recommend dentures, bridge-supported crowns, or dental implants. All three of these treatments address aesthetic issues in tooth loss and restore speaking and chewing ability, but bridges and dental implants remain in the mouth permanently while dentures are removable. Both partial dentures, for replacement of single or multiple teeth, and full dentures, for replacement of all of the teeth in the mouth, are available. Bridges and dental implants both prevent teeth from shifting, and dental implants let patients avoid jaw bone deterioration in the long term because the implants are rooted in the jaw like real teeth.

Our expert in general dentistry in West Hollywood offers tailored advice to individuals to support proper brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. To learn more about our general dentistry treatments, patients can schedule a consultation with our West Hollywood dentist.