Full and Partial Dentures

full and partial denturesDentures remain among the most popular treatments for missing teeth. By acting as artificial teeth, dentures give patients back their abilities to speak and chew and let them smile proudly. Both full and partial dentures are available to address the needs of patients with all or some of their teeth missing, respectively. Although dentures do not replace tooth roots, they can be a fast and effective way to replace teeth that are lost. Here is more about full and partial dentures from our West Hollywood full dentures expert.

Full Dentures West Hollywood

Full dentures consist of artificial teeth set in lifelike plastic gums. This option may be recommended for patients who have already lost all of their teeth or for those who are missing most of their teeth, in which case our expert in full dentures in West Hollywood may advise removing the remaining teeth. In most cases, the artificial gums keep the dentures in place through the use of suction against the actual gums, but dental implants can also be used to anchor the dentures. Dentures are more affordable compared to full mouth dental implants and do not require months of treatment time.

Partial Dentures West Hollywood

Partial dentures may be composed of a few or several teeth and can be held in place in a number of ways. Most commonly, partial dentures are anchored by metal frames stabilized by remaining teeth. However, as with full dentures, partial dentures can also be held in place by dental implants. This treatment from our West Hollywood partial dentures expert can act as an alternative to not only dental implants but also bridge-supported crowns.

Cosmetic and functional improvements offered by dentures can increase the confidence of patients as well as their quality of life. Dentures often last for five to seven years but may last for more or less time depending on maintenance and lifestyle. Daily cleaning, using a product recommended by our expert in partial dentures in West Hollywood, is essential. Brushing the gums on a daily basis is valuable for keeping the tissue healthy in the long term. At a consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood, patients can learn more about their denture options.