Full Mouth Reconstruction

full mouth reconstructionFull mouth reconstruction includes multiple treatments to restore the teeth and gums after widespread damage has occurred from illness, physical trauma, or untreated oral health problems. Although full mouth reconstruction can address aesthetic issues, it primarily improves functional aspects of the mouth. A wide range of treatments can be used for full mouth reconstruction, giving patients more options for reaching their goals. Here is more about this treatment from our West Hollywood full mouth reconstruction expert, who can receive it, and what patients should expect during full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction includes a unique treatment plan based on goals established at a consultation with our expert in full mouth reconstruction in West Hollywood. Patients may receive recommendations for procedures to repair damaged teeth or replace lost teeth. Whereas bonding may be used to restore normal shape to broken teeth, veneers can be used to conceal and protect teeth that are unsightly. For replacement of missing teeth, our dentist may recommend bridges, dental implants, or dentures. Periodontal care, TMJ treatments, and endodontics may also be included in the full mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Reconstruction West Hollywood

Since the full mouth reconstruction potentially includes restorations, candidates do not necessarily need excellent oral health beforehand. However, individuals with poor healing ability due to smoking or uncontrolled diabetes may not be candidates for certain options, such as dental implants. The combination of several procedures in the full mouth reconstruction makes this plan ideal for individuals who are unhappy with multiple aspects of performance and appearance involving their teeth and gums. For individuals who want only cosmetic improvements, our West Hollywood full mouth reconstruction expert may recommend a smile makeover instead.

Patients can expect costs to vary widely with the full mouth reconstruction because of the flexible selection of treatments included. To get started, patients visit our expert in full mouth reconstruction in West Hollywood to have X-rays, photos, and bite impressions taken for identifying treatment targets and appropriate procedures. At a consultation with our West Hollywood dentist, patients can learn more about full mouth reconstruction and how it can help them.