endodonticsEndodontics is used to treat infections inside teeth so that patients can avoid extraction. Root canal therapy is the most common type of endodontic treatment, but root canal surgery may also be performed by our West Hollywood endodontics expert depending on the findings of an exam. Immediately after endodontic treatment, patients with infected teeth receive relief from pain and restoration of normal functioning. Here is more about root canal treatment and endodontic surgery and how the procedures are performed.

Our expert in endodontics in West Hollywood uses X-rays to find the specific location of the infection inside the tooth. After anesthetizing the treatment area, our dentist reaches the infection with a drill by using the X-ray images as a guide. Next, our dentist removes the infected tissue and replaces it with packing material that contains medication. Finally, our dentist seals the treated tooth with a filling and caps the tooth with a crown that creates an aesthetically appealing result.

Endodontics West Hollywood

Endodontic surgery may be performed for teeth that are poor candidates for normal root canal therapy or for patients whose existing root canals have failed after past treatment. Our West Hollywood endodontics expert may use one of several types of endodontic surgery, but the two most common are apicoectomy and intentional replantation. Apicoectomy involves reaching the infected tooth from an alternative angle through an incision in the gums. During intentional replantation, our dentist removes the affected tooth, treats its infection while it is outside the mouth and puts it back in place.

Patients receive several benefits when they have infected teeth treated with endodontics from our West Hollywood dentist. For example, patients enjoy more comfort than if they were to have infected teeth removed and replaced with artificial teeth. Real teeth also look more natural in the mouth, preserving the appearance of patients. Of course, patients also enjoy relief from the potential complications of infected teeth, which include abscess, gum disease, widespread tooth loss, and systemic infection. To learn more about these treatments and when they are used, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in endodontics in West Hollywood.