Dental X-Rays

dental x-raysDental X-rays are valuable tools used to spot problems that are not visible to the unaided eye. At the office of our West Hollywood dental X-rays expert, X-rays are used to closely inspect the teeth, gums and bones in the orofacial region. Patients may receive X-rays at initial appointments, regular exams and before procedures to aid in diagnosis and plan treatment. Understanding the role of X-rays and the types available can aid in recognizing what this equipment provides in the clinical setting.

Several types of X-rays are available for use in different applications. Bitewing X-rays, which are particularly common, are often used to search for signs of tooth decay and design endodontic or orthodontic treatment. Panoramic X-rays provide wide-angle images of the teeth and jaws when necessary. Occlusal X-rays are normally utilized for inspection of the top or bottom of the mouth. Periapical X-rays provide especially detailed images, and digital X-ray technology enables our expert in dental X-rays in West Hollywood to easily save images for computer analysis. In some cases, patients may receive more than one type of X-ray for diagnosis or treatment planning.

Dental X-Rays West Hollywood

Patients may receive X-rays in a wide range of situations. For example, restorations such as fillings are planned according to the findings of X-rays. Similarly, root canal treatment requires pinpointing the location of the infection before treatment can begin. Before orthodontic treatment, our dentist uses X-rays to determine the degree of correction necessary. For children, X-rays can help guide the orthodontic process to work in concert with natural development. Finally, wisdom teeth extraction and other surgeries are guided by the results of X-rays taken by our West Hollywood dental X-rays expert beforehand.

Patients who visit our expert in dental X-rays in West Hollywood for treatment can count on never receiving dangerous levels of radiation. With digital X-rays, the dose of radiation required for imaging is even less than what is associated with conventional X-rays. To learn more about dental X-rays, how they are used and the types available, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood.