Dental Extraction

dental extractionDental extraction can be performed for several reasons related to tooth damage, oral development or preparation for treatment. Although our dentist often recommends restoration of teeth that can be restored, extraction may become desirable to support health and make way for tooth replacements. Anesthesia ensures that patients are comfortable during dental extraction, and dental sedation is available for anxious patients who qualify. Here is more about the reasons for dental extraction and how our West Hollywood dental extraction expert performs this treatment.

Dental extraction may become necessary for resolution of existing problems or prevention of future issues. Extensive tooth decay can prevent fillings or root canal therapy from being options, making extraction essential. In some cases, extraction is warranted when gum disease destroys the tissues that hold teeth in place. Teeth that present risks of overcrowding may also be removed for orthodontic treatment. Similarly, wisdom teeth may require extraction when they erupt incorrectly. Finally, tooth removal may be advised by our expert in dental extraction in West Hollywood for patients who are interested in whole-mouth tooth replacements and have only a few teeth remaining.

Dental Extraction West Hollywood

Our West Hollywood dental extraction expert begins this procedure by first numbing the treatment area with local anesthetic. If extensive extraction will be performed, our dentist may recommend general anesthesia. To remove the tooth, our dentist uses forceps, which resemble pliers. Teeth that cannot be extracted in one piece may be sectioned so that the pieces can be removed separately. After the extraction process, our dentist places gauze over the location of the extracted tooth to prevent excessive bleeding.

Patients will receive antibiotics, aftercare instructions and prescriptions for pain relievers after having teeth removed by our expert in dental extraction in West Hollywood. To help control inflammation at the extraction site, patients can hold ice packs to the outside of their cheek and eat soft, cold foods. Smoking, alcohol, and straw usage should be strictly avoided immediately following dental extraction. At a consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood, patients can learn more about this procedure and when it is performed.