Dental Exam

dental examRegular dental exams are crucial for protection of oral health as well as systemic wellness. At exams, our West Hollywood dental exam expert inspects the mouth for signs of problems before cleaning the teeth thoroughly. Patients leave their exams with renewed confidence in their smile and decreased risks of suffering from several common oral health problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Here is more about what dental exams involve and how they help prevent disease.

During a dental exam, our dentist always looks over the teeth and gums by eye. Because not all issues may be visible this way, our dentist also takes X-ray images of the mouth. Several types of X-rays may be used depending on the focus of the exam, but this generally involves taking a closer look at the teeth and gums for signs of decay and infection. Once the examination is complete, our expert in dental exam in West Hollywood cleans and polishes the teeth using special equipment to keep them looking good and support their resistance to erosion and cavities.

Dental Exam West Hollywood

In addition to localized infections, tooth decay, and oral cancer, our West Hollywood dental exam expert may spot manifestations of systemic disease in the mouth. For example, diabetes can cause oral symptoms such as dry mouth, which can result in widespread tooth decay. Systemic cancers, nutrient deficiencies, and autoimmune conditions can also be discovered during a dental exam. By catching gum disease early, our dentist ensures that early treatment can occur to reduce risks of systemic problems, such as cardiovascular disease, that have been linked to pathogenic oral bacteria.

A dental exam offers maintenance of appearance as well as health. Patients should brush and floss every day to support their oral wellness, but visits to our expert in dental exam in West Hollywood are also essential for prevention of tooth decay, gum disease, and disfigurement. Regular exams can also save patients money by reducing their chances of needing restorative care later. To learn more about our dental exams, patients can schedule a consultation with our West Hollywood dentist.