Dental Cleaning

dental cleaningDental cleaning offers cosmetic maintenance as well as preventive value to patients who visit WeHo Dentist Office. Gum disease, tooth decay, and systemic diseases, including heart disease, are less likely to occur in patients who keep their teeth and gums healthy. As a powerful complement to personal dental hygiene, in-office cleaning uses time-tested techniques and equipment to clear more plaque and tartar from the teeth than what can be removed at home. Because our West Hollywood dental cleaning expert normally performs an exam at the same appointment, cleaning also provides an opportunity for problems to be spotted so that timely treatment can occur.

Poor dental hygiene and badly stained teeth can affect patients in a variety of ways, and dental cleaning provides a convenient solution to both issues. For example, untreated gum disease and tooth decay have been linked to higher risks of heart attack and stroke. When teeth are discolored, patients may feel embarrassed to smile, reducing their enjoyment of social interaction as a result. Our expert in dental cleaning in West Hollywood helps prevent health-related and aesthetic problems by removing the plaque and tartar that bacteria reside in and feed on. Routine stains caused by coffee, smoking, or wine can be reduced significantly with professional cleaning at our office. Finally, patients who visit us for regular dental cleaning may save money by avoiding the need for restorative treatment later.

Dental Cleaning West Hollywood

Our dentist starts by using scaling and planing instruments to strip accumulated plaque and tartar from the teeth. A rotating brush is used to abrade and polish the teeth, removing remaining calculus and improving the appearance of the teeth. Finally, our dentist flosses between the teeth to remove debris. Additional preventive measures, such as fluoride, may also be recommended by our West Hollywood dental cleaning expert.

During exams preceding dental cleaning, our expert in dental cleaning in West Hollywood examines the teeth by eye and uses X-rays to look for hidden signs of tooth decay and other problems. When gum disease or risk factors for it are present, our dentist may recommend deep cleaning. Patients can schedule a consultation with our West Hollywood dentist to learn more about our cleaning process and its benefits.