Dental Bridges

dental bridgesDental bridges are used to replace missing teeth in a way that is stable as well as functional and aesthetically appealing. Although bridges require adjacent teeth to be anchored in the mouth, they can be used to replace groups of as many as three consecutive missing teeth. Placement of dental bridges by our West Hollywood dental bridges expert prevents remaining teeth from shifting, which can result in bite irregularities, tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw bone deterioration over time.

Dental bridges can be made from a variety of materials for durability and aesthetic support. When bridges are necessary in the front of the mouth, our expert in dental bridges in West Hollywood may recommend porcelain bridges that more accurately emulate the look of natural teeth. In rear parts of the mouth, patients may receive recommendations for bridges made of gold or other metals. Accuracy of this procedure is achieved through the use of X-rays, bite impressions, and photographs of the treatment area. In addition, our dentist determines whether adjacent teeth are healthy enough to serve as abutments for a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges West Hollywood

If our dentist finds that the gums and teeth cannot immediately support a dental bridge, patients may benefit from certain restorative treatments beforehand. Bite impressions taken in preparation for bridge placement are used by lab personnel to create the custom bridge for optimal fit and cosmetic value. Our dentist prepares abutment teeth by filing down some of their enamel and fitting them with temporary crowns or bridges for protection. At a second appointment, our West Hollywood dental bridges expert removes the temporary crowns, checks the new bridges and crowns for fit and bonds them into place permanently.

The presence of bridge hardware above the gum line makes extra care essential for prevention of oral health problems. With thorough daily brushing and flossing and regular check-ups from our expert in dental bridges in West Hollywood, crowns can last for up to seven years before replacement may become necessary. A consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood can be scheduled to learn more about dental bridges.