Dental Bonding

dental bondingDental bonding offers permanent concealment of cosmetic issues and repair of structural problems affecting teeth. As an alternative to many other procedures, dental bonding can be faster and less invasive. The material used to bond teeth is a composite resin that can be shaped and hardened in place to match the surrounding enamel. Here is more about the uses of this treatment and how it is performed by our West Hollywood dental bonding expert.

Common uses for dental bonding include cosmetic concealment of tooth damage, spacing issues, and abnormal tooth structure as well as restoration of decay, chips, and cracks. Because bonding does not require significant removal of tooth structure, it preserves the strength of treated teeth. Tooth strength is also supported by the resistance of bonding resin to expansion and contraction associated with changes in temperature. When stains are inside of teeth or too dark to correct with teeth whitening, our expert in dental bonding in West Hollywood may recommend this treatment as a solution. Teeth with roots exposed by gum recession may also benefit from bonding, which can protect those roots from erosion and decay.

Dental Bonding West Hollywood

Bonding requires little preparation other than thorough cleaning of the teeth and roughening of the areas in which bonding is to be performed. To enhance adhesion of the bonding resin to the tooth, our West Hollywood dental bonding expert also applies a conditioning liquid. Our dentist then places the resin on the treatment area and shapes it before curing it with a special light. Finally, our dentist trims and polishes the bonded area. Depending on how much bonding is involved, this procedure may take 30 minutes to one hour per tooth.

With proper care, dental bonding can last up to 10 years or more. Patients should brush and floss daily and visit our expert in dental bonding in West Hollywood for check-ups and cleanings to support their bonded teeth. Although most conventional teeth whitening products are not appropriate for use on bonded teeth, our dentist can recommend specific products designed for brightening bonded areas. A consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood can be scheduled to learn more about this procedure and how it compares to other treatments for different goals.